Scotland Elopement

Elopement on Isle of Skye

This was my first time photographing an elopement on Isle of Skye, Scotland. The day was something special, not only for Kirill and Alexandra but for me also. I was so excited to be back in Scotland on the Isle of Skye as I was so blown away by the landscape when I had first visited the place.  It was such a privilege to photograph this beautiful Russian couple in one of my favourite places on the planet. I always had dreams of travelling across the world to document people’s stories and I am so humbled that couples trust in me to do so. To share such a beautiful day with Kirill and Alexandra was something I will never forget. I had my good friend Nick Sim come along to document their story as well. We had so much fun. Kirill and Alexandra started the day getting ready at their hotel and decided to have the ceremony at the top of Quiraing. Afterwards they had a little picnic prepared for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening exploring the hills of Quiraing.

Here is their story..

57.6436° N, 6.2653° W

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So so beautiful Keegan!

23:47 July 23, 2017


This is so amazing. Great storytelling

23:58 July 23, 2017


Incredible work my friend

00:34 July 24, 2017

Dylan Kitchener

Mind-blowing work mate! You smashed it out of the park!

13:24 July 24, 2017

James T

Wow! No words..

20:02 December 28, 2017
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