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I am so thankful for what photography has brought me in recent years. I have met incredible friends and I have ventured to the most amazing places around the world capturing the world the way I see it.

Today I get to photograph and document unique weddings. Intimate days spent with family and loved ones. Capturing real moments and approaching the day as an observer is how I would describe my style. Being present in the moment and photographing how it really felt on the day is what it’s all about for me.

Picking up a camera years ago felt so right and it soon became my life. I started out shooting landscapes, people and fashion and soon realised that I enjoyed documenting weddings the most.

Weddings are fun and fast paced but at times there are also some quiet moments that can be overlooked. There are moments throughout the day that make you smile, laugh and cry. I soon realised that I was able to document these moments in a unique way and that people could hold onto these memories forever.

The time this really hit home for me was when I was travelling through Queensland during a storm swell. On the morning that my friends and I were going to head back home we stopped in for one last surf session. I had a serious accident in the ocean that day. I woke up, beached, face in the sand and realised that I had just survived a near drowning. I wasn’t sure how I had washed in but I soon realised I was in a serious condition. People and lifeguards attended to me as quick as they could. I spent the following weeks in hospital and needed lung surgery after my lung had collapsed. Long story short, I am lucky to be alive with a solid scar across my rib cage as a reminder of how precious life can be.

I became fascinated by capturing memories for other people. I know it’s a bit of a cliche story but it really did affect the way I saw the world. Imagery became a major reminder of what I had experienced throughout my life and the amazing people that have influenced me along the way.

I am so humbled that I get to do this for couples from all over the world. I would love to hear your story and create something special for you both.




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