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Online mentoring sessions

Before I became a professional photographer I was studying at university to become an art teacher. I decided after I completed a year to jump into studying a degree in Visual Communication and Design instead because at that point in time I had fallen in love with photography. I quit work and set out to work as a graphic designer and photographer. The photography quickly consumed all of my time and since then I have shot over 150 weddings, hundreds of couples, families, fashion shoots and commercial jobs.

I have a few teachers in my family so it was natural for me to be curious about becoming one. Offering ‘one on one’ sessions is the perfect opportunity to give back to the industry that has helped me so much. So now I am here offering my help.

I am so humbled that aspiring photographers ask me if I can help them with their business and learning. I am no expert in all these areas and I don’t do this for credibility or to look cool. I do this because I didn’t have these resources available to me when I first started. All this information is what has helped me progress over the years.

I have built a successful photography career over the last few years through dedication and hard work. I have attended some amazing online classes, local and international workshops and mentoring sessions over the years spending thousands of dollars. I learnt bits and pieces from each workshop but I felt like it was super hard to learn everything I wanted to know in the one place. So I have decided to help people one on one covering topics they have hand chosen.


These are the topics I cover :

Finding your ‘why?’ 

Camera skills – shooting in manual

Lighting – What to look for in any situation

Composition – framing your shots

Post processing/editing – Create a unique preset for you in Adobe Lightroom

Software – Show you what I use for culling, editing and proofing.

Business Management – Run you through the benefits of using studio management software

Workflow – Show you my wedding worksflow step by step from start to finish

Web design / Branding – Creating your brand 

SEO (ranking on Google)

Printing – How to set up images for print

Album Design – How I create albums


I have worked with numerous photographers covering all different topics of their choice. I would love to help you grow as a photographer. Feel free to send me any questions

(Email me for pricing information) I would love to hear from you!